3 Steps to 100,000 Facebook Fans

3 Steps to 100,000 Facebook Fans

My business partner, Shelley Belcourt, and I have been building our Facebook Fanpage for a little over a year now. We commenced with a low budget paid “Like” campaign to build a following until we’d reached a little over 5,000 fans in June 2016. Since then we’ve grown our page organically (for free!) to over 100,000 fans in 8 months. In this ebook I’ll be sharing with you the exact 3 steps we’ve followed to achieve this.

Step 1: Getting started with your Fanpage

Step 2: Posting content your fans will love

Step 3: How to grow your page

Bonus: Generating leads with your Facebook Fanpage


Step 1: How to get started with your Facebook Fanpage

What is a Fanpage?

A Facebook Fanpage is where a business, public figure or organization can be represented on Facebook.

This is where you share content that will be valuable to your followers. It will also position yourself as authority in your niche by the value you share and help you create a sense of community with high engagement on your posts.

As you build your followers, they become a highly-targeted audience for you to advertise to.

A Fanpage is essential to advertise on FB.

Your page becomes a highly-targeted source of leads for your business to grow your email list directly from your page.

How to create a Fanpage for your business

Things to consider when creating your page

  • Your Avatar (perfect fan or customer): who are they, what is there financial and life circumstances, what are their interests, problems and passions
  • Watch this video to learn more about creating your Avatar
  • The purpose of your page … obviously if you’re in business you’ll want to eventually make sales but exactly what sort of content will you be sharing and how will you share it? More on that to come!
  • The think about the sort of persona or image you want your page to have.
  • You will need a suitable profile and cover picture
  • You also need to consider a short description for your page.
  • Knowing the answers to these questions is important to decide on the type of page, how you will communicate with your fans and the content you will share.

If you don’t already have a Facebook personal profile you will need one before you can create your Fanpage. Go to www.facebook.com and follow the steps to create your personal profile.

Once you’ve created your page you can create your first business of fan page.

See the image below for where to go the create your page. Follow the simple steps and you’ll be ready to get started in no time.

Step 2: How to post valuable content your fans will love

Be very clear on your niche and Avatar and what their interests are. Also, be clear on the purpose of your page –

  • some pages are just for entertainment
  • some for training
  • some are used to generate leads and make sales directly
  • some grow a community, public figures, B & M businesses …
  • there all sorts of purposes for a Facebook page … What’s yours?

Being clear on Avatar and purpose will help you decide what’s valuable to post

Post content that will educate and/or entertain your fans and followers.

Make sure you post content your Avatar will be interested in to get engagement on your

page and to keep people coming back for more.

Be social:

  • Like the comments, and reply to them.
  • Start a conversation
  • Like all shares

Some ideas for content:

People love quotes, but make sure they’re relevant to your niche

Videos work well but keep them short, less than a minute is best.

Use Facebook Live for engagement if it suits your niche. It might feel scary at first but just have a go! People will relate to you well if you’re having a go and it will show them they can do it to!

Use images in ALL your posts. They make a post more noticeable and increase engagement

Use High Resolution images and edit and resize them to fit.

I find 850 px square is best. That size looks neat and tidy on the page and shares best between other Social Media platforms

Make your images look professional, clear and in focus

There is lots of free photo editing software out there. I use Pic Monkey, but there are lots of others. Google it and you’ll find them.

Post often!

We post 16 to 18 times a day. That suits our Avatar and our page.

For a public figure/personal branding page I would suggest posting at least daily.

Yes, it’s time consuming, but we’re going to be growing a page for free!

The more often you post the more engagement you will get, as long as the content is valuable to your fans and followers.

Schedule your posts to save time. The Facebook post scheduler is excellent and a great time saver.

Share other people’s content. This is an awesome way to give extra value to your fans.

Search out experts in your niche and share their content. Don’t be scared people will leave you for them! They come to your page because you’ve found all the content for them. They don’t have to search for it. Just don’t be lazy and have all shared content on your page. Make sure most of it is you own.

Use the feedback from your fans to know what to post. Posting content that interests them is how you increase your engagement. If they’re liking and sharing a post, that’s telling you to post more similar content. If posts are ignored, that’s telling you something too!

Facebook’s algorithms will learn what your fans like and will show more of that content to them. Use the insights to see what’s working for you and when is the best time to post for your audience.

To get more exposure for your posts you can “Boost” them. If you decide to try this choose a post that’s getting good engagement and boost it for a few days. The budget doesn’t have to be large … a couple of dollars are day will work. Make sure your audience is targeted towards people you want on your page. This will get you some likes on your page as well as post engagement.

Change it up sometimes and post something different, funny or controversial for discussion, take part in the discussion yourself.

How to check your posts’ stats:

Click on the live link under the post where it says “…… people reached”. This will bring up a window like the image below. All the statistics for your post are here. Keep an eye on the negative feedback because this will help tell you if you’re posting valuable content.

See image below.


Step 3: How to grow your page

 When you first start, run a small “like” campaign until you build up a following, otherwise your page is out there with millions of others and no-one knows you’re there!

We ran a video “like” campaign with a small budget for some months until we had 5,000 likes on the page. Make sure your campaign is laser targeted towards the people you want on your page. Keep the campaign running consistently to build a following.

Here’s a tip for new people! DO NOT EVER buy Fans for your page! They are often not real people, they aren’t targeted towards you and your page and they will drop off over time! It’s much wiser to invest the money in a “like” campaign that purchasing Fans.

Use the “Invite” button! This helped grow our page very quickly!

How to invite people to Like your page.

The images below are posts on a page I manage. In the image on the left the red arrow is pointing to the people who have reacted the post. This is a live link. Click on it and it will bring up a list like the image on the right. You can then click the “Invite” button (see red arrow) and invite those who don’t already like your page.

Using the “invite” button, posting valuable, engaging content and interacting with people who liked commented and shared, we grew from 5,000 to 100,000 fans in 8 months. The image below shows how our page has grown since June 1, 2016.

Consistency is very important. Post every day as often as is suitable for your page. Establish a schedule and stick to it. People like to see new content when they visit. Use the Facebook post scheduler.

Interact with your fans when they like, comment and share posts.

I use hashtags for greater reach. I only use them under my posts, I don’t like using them in the post itself but that’s a personal preference.

Genuine content and value is key! If you’re posting what your fans and followers love, they’ll share amongst their friends and this will dramatically increase your reach. It will put your content in front of a larger audience and will generate likes on your page.


BONUS TRAINING: Generating Leads with your Fanpage 

We’re generating 15 to 45 email leads a day, directly from our page. If you have something that will genuinely benefit your fans you’re really doing them a disservice if you don’t share it with them and your page is the perfect place to do that.

Start by just adding the link to your capture page under a few of your best posts. Gauge the reaction to the post using the post stats. If you notice an increase in “Hide post” or “Hide all posts” this is telling you your audience doesn’t like the links. If the content is good though I’ve found they don’t mind at all and we get leads from these posts. When your post is shared, it spreads your link further around the internet.

Use the best images you can find in the most valuable posts for your links and make sure your links are neat and tidy.

After you’ve been including a link in your posts for a couple of days add a Call to Action (CTA) to one or two posts a day. Facebook penalises over promotive posts so be sure to be social with your CTA and make it part of your post and congruent with your image and content.

The two images below are examples of posts with a CTA.

Some do’s & don’ts for using links. Don’t be spammy and hard sell. This is social media … be social in everything! Relate your CTA to the post and image. Offer value in the post. Gauge your fans’ reactions and back off if engagement noticeably decreases or negative feedback increases. If you’re posting valuable content and relevant links that are not over promoting, you’ll be fine and will see leads coming in.

If you’ve found this helpful and would like  to go deeper into how we’ve built our page to 100,000 fans I’ve created a 5 Module Training for you, where I go deeper into the strategies and techniques we’ve used to create a page that’s getting high engagement, strong organic growth and generating email leads every day.

You can check it out HERE.

Good luck with your Facebook Page and you business. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to interact with “Your People” and share knowledge and value with them so use these 3 steps and start growing your followers.

Be Awesome!









Who Says Your Life Sucks?

I see a lot of posts and articles telling people “Your life sucks!”

… Really???

Usually they’re posted by someone with an online business and they’re talking about those who have a 9 to 5 job – and they make me mad!

They’re denigrating people choosing to travel to work in traffic every day, having to answer to a boss, putting up with a cap on their income or not having the time they’d like to spend with family and friends.

Yes, some of those things are something we’d all like to change but they don’t make your life suck!

They’re a choice, and for some people, a regular job is the very best choice they could make for themselves.

Imagine if we all went selling stuff online … Who would grow our food? Who would design and build our infrastructure? Who would tend the sick and teach our children?

Now, don’t get me wrong, for lifestyle and income potential an Internet Business is fantastic and I love mine. But it’s not necessarily the best solution for you right NOW and it’s not for everyone!

For someone who really wants to make some changes in their life and their financial future, an Internet Business can be the answer to their prayer. But don’t rush into it!

I see many people all starry eyed about joining an Internet Opportunity. They haven’t done their research and due diligence. Things aren’t as easy as they were led to believe. They didn’t get the immediate results they were expecting. They walked away from the opportunity – disappointed, angry and BROKE. Don’t let that happen to you!

Let me tell you a story!

4 years ago my husband I were semi-retired and, through a financial catastrophe, lost all our savings. Everything we had! Lost our financial future I suppose you could say, and for all intents and purposes lost our life as we saw it, plain and simple! It was a frightening position to be in in your early 60’s!

Money doesn’t make you happy but it’s difficult to survive in our world without any so we had some radicle changes to make. I maxed out our credit cards getting fully positioned in an Online Business opportunity and my husband went back to work in the mining industry.

I struggled for some time in my business … it’s a steep learning curve getting up to speed in something new but after finding a couple of amazing mentors to help me I started making sales and we were getting ahead.

The mining job was a Fly in Fly out position (living and working in camps, away from home for lengthy periods) in a very stressful environment and surrounded by negative people, many of them with mental health issues and drug and alcohol problems. Add all that up with a very dangerous work environment, monstrous machinery and production deadlines and you might understand the mental toll it took on my husband. After sticking with it for 3+ years we decided it was best for his mental health to leave that toxic work environment and he quit his job in August 2015.

Now, at this stage I was making money with my online business and had it at that tipping point where things were poised to go ahead in leaps and bounds. But I was under pressure.

We had no other income, so my business had to perform or we were on a slippery slope back to where we’d been and this is where everything came unstuck.

A mind under extreme pressure doesn’t necessarily make good decisions. I took some risks to get ahead quickly that didn’t work out and instead of reinvesting my earnings back into my business they were required to pay the rent! My advertising funds had run dry so my business shrank inwards until I was struggling to make any money with it all. Not a good situation and a possible path to financial ruin and complete misery! Thank goodness that didn’t happen!

So what does all this mean for you?

Don’t listen to those who tell you your life sucks!

For sure, if you want to change your life and lifestyle, absolutely I recommend an Internet Business as a fabulous vehicle to do so. In fact, if this is something that interests you, get in touch with me at katie@katieejohnston.com and I’ll show you a couple of different businesses that might suit you. But don’t rush in without speaking with someone who’s in the business and will give you an honest assessment of the skills required and time it takes for success.

Don’t be in a hurry to get fully positioned either. If you have the funds available and are confident in your ability to get started quickly, then go for it. But remember, you need funds for training and mentoring and advertising and I see many new people cutting this short in their haste to get fully positioned and get the highest commissions possible! This is a scarcity mentality!

You can only earn those high commissions if you have the skills and the advertising budget available!

My advice is to find an opportunity you’re interested in. Talk to someone already in the business. Ask quality questions. Find out all about it. Then when you have all the facts, make your decision.

Join the company, and get the best traffic coaching and mentoring you can find. Learn marketing skills. Plan your advertising budget. Take action, and watch your business grow!

And don’t abandon your day job just because you don’t particularly enjoy it and your plan is to eventually quit!

It will pay the bills while you learn and get your new business established.

Hasten slowly, and be awesome.


The Road To Success Isn’t Always Smooth and Easy!

I’ve been feeling like this lately!Katieejohnston.com/RoadToSuccessSometimes those cracks are difficult to climb out of but perseverance and persistence always pays!
Let me know if you’ve ever felt like this and how you made your way back onto the path to success.

Watch my video on The Road To Success below.

Setting a Path To Success

Most of us set goals and New Year’s resolutions every year but very few of us get to the end of the year and are satisfied with what we’ve achieved!

And often it’s not a problem with the goals we’ve set … the problem has been with the lack of a clear plan for achieving them.

I talk about this in my short video below

I created a Goal Setting Cheat Sheet for you which you can download HERE

There’s also a Bonus Work Sheet included to help you get started making 2016 your best year EVER!

If you’ve struggled to achieve your goals in past years I can certainly help you get clear on them and set a plan and steps for success. Send me an email at katie@katieejohnston.com and let’s see how I can help you have an amazing year.

To your success!

How To Win In Any Business Opportunity.

If you’re considering, or have already joined, an Online Business, MLM or Network Marketing opportunity you might be wondering how on earth you’re going to succeed at it!

The amount of information out there quickly causes overwhelm and many people simply give up before they start because they can’t see a way to succeed. It all looks just too confusing and too difficult!

I know, because I’ve been there too!

What if I showed you that you CAN succeed in 3 simple steps?

Watch my video where I explain the 3 steps to success in ANY business and in any company.

Follow these and you’ll know exactly what to do the ensure success whatever opportunity you’ve joined, or are considering joining!

P.S. Get your Bonuses here: www.katieEjohnston.com/1MMK 

A Fast Start Challenge and how it’s helped my Internet Marketing Business.

I’ve been a member of the Results 513 online training community for some time now and have already made sales in my online business, but when Justin Glover and Brenda Gagne introduced the Fast Start into the R513 training I was quick to join the Challenge and give the Fast Start a trial!

Now Justin and Brenda guarantee you Results with this 14 day Fast Start if you follow exactly their instructions in the training and implement what they teach.

I’ve found it’s worked beautifully for me and have made this short video to share some of my experiences of my first week in the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge.

Now you’ve watched the video, go and check out Results 513 HERE

Download your free traffic cheat sheet and make sure you have a look at what Results 513 has to offer you. You’ll be impressed I’m sure! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to either get started online or those looking to take their current business to new heights.

Click here for the Results 513 TYT Cheat Sheet.

How Racing Ironman Relates to My Business.

If you’ve read my Bio you’ll know that I trained and raced Ironman Triathlon for a many years.KatieEJohnston.com Katie IM WA 2008

I only took up the sport because my husband and I needed something to stop us getting fat and lazy when we left the land and changed our lifestyle.

When I decided to accept the challenge the Ironman offered I’d never really been an athlete. I wasn’t a fast runner (in fact I wasn’t a runner at all!) and I’d hardly ever ridden a bike. Ponies and horses were our preferred means of entertainment and transport when I was a kid growing up in the bush! So you can see I had a lot to learn to become the athlete I needed to be! I remember the day I qualified for my first Ironman and saying to my coach … “I have a challenge for you, to help me get to the finish line!” I never in my wildest dreams imagined me taking on something like that, in fact until my husband completed his first race I probably didn’t really believe it was possible for ordinary people!K

Ironman is a gruelling sport … the race consists of a 3.8km swim followed immediately by cycling 180km and finishing off with a 42km marathon. It takes a fair bit of mental fortitude to finish the race through the ups and downs of a long hard day.

But most of the work, physical and mental, is done in the months leading up to the race.

The months of early mornings for training on your bike or running in the dark, swimming in the cold, running and riding in the heat, cycling in the rain but also those perfectly glorious mornings when you feel totally privileged to be alive and out enjoying it!

You feel pretty much permanently tired. You’d love to hit the snooze button. Always a bit sore somewhere. You suffer on the long rides and just want them to end. You go out whether it’s too hot, too cold, too rainy!

But it’s so totally worth the prize, you wouldn’t dream of giving up, of quitting or walking away.

KatieEJohnston.com Katie's Finish

So what on earth does training and racing Ironman have to do with running an online business?

Well, let’s see …

  •  I had a COACH … and I followed his program and advice to the letter.
  •  I had GOALS … written down, specific, and somewhat outside my comfort zone.
  •  I spoke out my AFFIRMATIONS … worked through with my coach to find the ones that made me strong.
  •  I practiced VISUALIZATION … my perfect race run through my mind in every training session.
  •  I was COMMITTED and CONSISTENT … turning up to training every day.
  •  I TOOK ACTION … I completed the allocated training every day.
  •  I kept a JOURNAL … writing in my training diary every day listing what I’d done, my health, my motivation levels, what my affirmations were, revisiting my goals.
  •  I kept in my “OWN SQUARE METRE” … I didn’t judge myself by what others were achieving.
  •  I stayed FOCUSED … I kept to the plan, even when it wasn’t going perfectly.
  •  I was held ACCOUNTABLE … This journey was my choice. My training partner (my husband) was waiting, depending on me to turn up. My coach was going to be there for me whenever I needed him!
  •  The work is all put in long before you expect to see a result.

And when I look at that list, they are all things I apply every day in my businesses to be successful!

Here is my comparison …

  •  We must have a COACH if we’re to be successful. Someone who has been there before us. Can show us the path, how to avoid the pit falls, and support us when it gets tough.
  •  We must have GOALS or how will we know where we’re going?
  •  We need AFFIRMATIONS to create the drive in us to take the action. To cement in our minds the qualities we need to succeed.
  • We must VISUALIZE our path. What result we want, how we will achieve it and most of all what success will feel like!
  •  We must be COMMITTED and CONSISTENT. Our customers and clients need us to be putting content out there for them. We must stay on their radar, because if we aren’t out there we will disappear.
  •  We must TAKE ACTION. Just knowing what to do isn’t enough. We must implement our knowledge or nothing will happen.
  •  We need to JOURNAL to track where we’ve been, what worked and what didn’t, what’s holding us back, what are our triumphs.
  •  We must stay in our OWN SQUARE METRE. Judging our results by another’s isn’t productive. How can a beginner compare themselves to an experienced marketer?
  •  We must stay FOCUSED. Even when it’s not working out like planned, stay with your eye on the prize, push through and keep your eye on the prize.
  •  We must be ACCOUNTABLE for our actions firstly to ourselves, but also to the others who are depending on us … our customers, our team.
  •  The results don’t come immediately. An entrepreneur mindset understands that there will be much work to do before we see the rewards.

This race is very much like an online business. You do have to put in a lot of work before you see results, just like the long hard training days. It’s also a long hard day on race day requiring focus and consistent action to get to the finish line, just like our businesses. You sometimes fall off and get battered and bruised! But you get back up and keep going.katieejohnston.com Katie Bike Crash

Every single thing that got me to the start line and through a tough race has given me the strength and the tools to be a success in my business. And some of my races were very long and difficult days!

For most of the years on my Ironman journey we were running a small business in an outback town in Australia, isolated from our club members and my husband and I trained on our own without the group support city athletes have.

This also taught me to be self-motivated and self-disciplined … a big plus when you work from home and there’s no-one there to push you when it all feels too hard and you’d rather go out for a coffee than work on that sales funnel!

I loved the training, the discipline, the commitment, the passion … the journey I suppose, as much as the race days. That’s what our lives are like isn’t it?

We all have life experiences that we can draw on … which ones can you use to help you achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams?

How To Find Ideas and Create Great Content.

When I sat down at my computer to write this morning, I had 2 problems. A blog post to write and not much idea of what to talk about, and a desk covered in notes from past events I’ve been sorting through and wondering “where will I file them?”.

I take screeds of notes at live events and when I get home they often get put aside never to see the light of day again, but … on reading through some of them today I see a fantastic resource right here in front of me!

I should never be stuck for content again.

Because in every page of these notes are little gold nuggets of information I can share in blog posts, Facebook posts, videos, on Twitter or in articles. They are like gold! So take care of your notes. Don’t let them just sit on a shelf gathering dust. Get them out and start creating great value for your followers and share what you’ve learned.

And it not just notes from live events. What about those Webinar notes? I’m sure you’ll come up with many pages of information you now have at your fingertips to create some amazing content to share with the world.

Here’s a little tip for you from my notes: When you learn something new, for example, how to set up an Ad campaign on Twitter, make a video showing what you learned, then share it to teach others. This will position you as a leader, you are giving value to others and it comes in handy if you need to go back and refresh your memory!

I’m off to dig out my old note pads. Watch out for my next post where I’ll share some more of the value I find while I’m doing my filing!

What is My Internet Traffic System?

Can you relate to this?

I’ve been growing my online business since August 2013, struggling with all the things that most new and inexperienced marketers have problems with. One of my greatest challenges was finding targeted customers; people who wanted what I had to offer and were ready and willing to buy. Now, like most newbies I thought all you did was put your link out there and somehow magically the buyers would come.

How wrong I was!

Well, to cut a long story short … How can this help you in your online journey to success?

We all know traffic/customers are the lifeblood of every business operating either online or offline.

My Internet Traffic System is a traffic and lead generation training program developed by 7 figure earner and industry giant, Vince Reed, otherwise known as “The Lead Guy”. You can have a look at it here:

My Internet Traffic System

I’ve been a member at Level 2 for just on 2 months and the value given in his weekly Mastermind calls and Practice webinars has to be seen to be believed and … trust me, if you need a kick in the butt … he’ll give it to you. Vince doesn’t like to see people wasting time and talent. I love that aspect of his training. Vince is someone who is totally committed to the success of his trainees and is dedicated to giving value over and above what is expected and that’s what he teaches his students.

I’d like to give you a quick walk around inside the training to show you the value available in there. This video will take you through it:

MITS Training Walk Through

So you can see what Vince’s trainings are like, here is a cut from a recent webinar. Set aside half an hour to watch and you’ll get some traffic generation gems in this recording!

MITS Webinar Recording

Every Sunday at 6pm PST Vince has a webinar where he offers some traffic strategy training and an explanation of how MITS works. It’s free and guaranteed to provide a few training gems each week. You can access the webinar here to find out more:

Link for Sunday Webinar

Now, you may have also noted Vince using “MITS pages” for his capture pages in the webinar recording. It’s a simple and quick system and available for free (well, $1 sign up fee!) at: 

MITS Pages Link

You can have a capture page up and running literally in minutes and you don’t need a website if you’re not up to that yet!

The online world can be a lonely place and difficult when you’re not sure how to go about things. My Internet Traffic System will certainly sort that out for you.

Just so you know how highly I regard this training … I live in Australia and I attend every training even though some of them are at 1am and 2am in the morning for me! Fortunately the webinars are usually at 11am my time … much more civilized!

I believe it can help you like it’s helped me with a vitally important part of my business.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them or go to the Contact Me page.

Perfectionism. Asset or liability?

Are you a perfectionist?

Are you proud of it?

Do you hear yourself saying “I know I haven’t finished yet, but I’m a perfectionist, it’s not ready!”?

Or “I can’t release it yet, it needs work. It isn’t perfect!”?

I have to confess … I’m a terrible perfectionist! And in reality, perfectionism is my very worst excuse. Yes. I did say excuse!

You see all our obsession with perfection comes from our fear of being judged.

Our fear of rejection.

Our fear of “What will people think if I haven’t got it just right!”

Our fear of failure!

And that constant search for perfection holds us back from achieving the greatness within us! From achieving our dreams! From living the life we desire and deserve!

Do you really have the right to deny your light to shine in the world, to deny those people you might have helped, to deny your family, and to deny yourself the wonders that could be?

If you just conquer that FEAR you can move mountains!

We all have it.


Even the most experienced speakers and marketers and motivators and mentors in the world are scared when they step out and step up to share what they have to offer. They all wonder, “Will I be good enough?”

But the difference is … they don’t let the fear hold them back.

They know they will never be perfect.

Their presentation will never be perfect. Their book will never be perfect. Their product will never be perfect!

But they do it anyway. They perfect it as it goes.

They just DO it … they get it out there in the world so it can start doing its work.

They start helping and serving people, even if it’s not perfect.

I’m not proud to be a perfectionist.

I was taught at school not to make a mistake and I learned the lesson so well it’s taken me years to overcome my fear of being judged. To be prepared to fail.

And the fact that I can post this blog and know it isn’t perfect is one of my greatest victories!

How is your perfectionism holding you back?

Do you have the courage to step up and do it anyway?

I’d love to see your comments or questions. Please post them in the comments section below.