FamilyMy name is Katie Johnston and I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast on the eastern side of Australia with my husband Neal. I just love sitting on our deck in the evenings and listening to the waves and the birdlife in the bush around us.

We have 2 adult children who live nearby in the city of Brisbane and a very spoiled Australian Terrier called Lucy.

Dogs at the BeachWe love our beach and spend time there every day but Neal and I have been in Ironman Triathlon for many years, so health and fitness is a big part of our lives. The Sunshine Coast is a perfect place for cycling! I am also an artist and love working in mosaics and drawing but I don’t find much time for it at the moment!

I now work full time on my Internet business with my husband, Neal.

My online journey began February 2013 when Neal and I attended the World Internet Summit in Sydney, Australia, and purchased training Forster IM Finish 3packages in using Social Media and Video Marketing in Internet Business and some other very expensive software I still have no idea how to use!!! I then started advising small businesses on the Sunshine Coast in using Social Media in their businesses and Neal has been creating videos for them to use in their promotions.

This training has been very useful but I wanted to get my business off the ground fast and was looking for high end affiliate products to promote and I also needed a system and the “how to” to get started online. I was getting very frustrated with the misleading information out there and the people peddling “get rich quick” schemes with no training and support!

Cycling in HawaiiAfter much searching,  I found exactly what I was looking for in Matt Lloyd’s My Top Tier Business and My Online Business Education. Training, support, one on one coaching and a system that WORKS to make money online. I have now joined Matt’s program as a Platinum member which gets me elite training and the opportunity to attend Masterminds in exotic locations with the very best Internet Marketing experts and highest earners in the world. There are other excellent products for me to promote and training in creating my own product/s to further grow my business. All of this is training I can pass on to those who join my team.

In 2014 I joined Vince Reed in My Internet Traffic System and this is when everything finally clicked for me with MOBE. With the training in MITS I now have the tools to be successful in any business and I can pass this knowledge on to others with businesses in the online space.

My business has now grown to include coaching as well as promoting my Internet businesses.  I have a secure financial future ahead of me and can look forward to continuing to live my dream life of travel and time with family and friends. I’m loving this journey of learning and discovery, and supporting others in reaching their potential and creating a strong and secure financial future. We can take this journey together and I’m so excited and looking forward to sharing it with you.

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